Evolving equity to include disability | Uplifting disability justice in education

We are moving the goalpost on inclusive education by providing on-the-ground expertise and system-wide collective strategy that dismantles ableism in schools.

The Need

Ableism permeates our schools. Despite increased intention around diversity, equity, and inclusion, students with disabilities exist at the margins of our vision, design, and investments. This is perpetuated by a broader education community that has grown accustomed to othering disability.

Leaders, educators, and other adults in our school communities also experience marginalization based on disability.

We have an opportunity to ensure inclusive and welcoming environments for all students and education partners.

Our Mission

Anti-AbleistED evolves educational equity to include ability. Cross-organizational strategy, on-the-ground expertise, and community co-design advance our collective impact and influence the ecosystem to invest in and prioritize improved experiences and outcomes for students with disabilities.

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