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Megan Ohlssen




Megan is a visionary leader dedicated to advancing identity, equity, and belonging in education. With a profound dedication to fostering systemic change, she collaborates closely with schools, organizations, funders, and leaders to champion disability justice and ensure inclusion for each individual and every identity. Drawing upon her extensive expertise in coaching, systems evaluation, and program design, Megan empowers individuals and teams to enact meaningful shifts and cultivate equitable practices within their spheres of influence.

Throughout her career, Megan has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to facilitate difficult conversations, navigate complex challenges, and drive tangible results in pursuit of educational equity. She is deeply committed to dismantling barriers and addressing systemic inequities, leveraging her skills as a facilitator, content expert, and systems thinker to lead initiatives that promote access and opportunity for all. Having longevity and depth of expertise in educational equity, Megan is uniquely positioned to be an activator and thought leader. She has the network and relational trust to target systemic pressure points, support change, and design effective strategy. She is a connector and a sought-after resource by systems-leaders and power players across the country seeking to learn more (and do more) about equity for students with disabilities.

Megan is a Korean/Irish adoptee. She is the daughter of two women who were leaders in the LGBTQ+ and women’s rights movements in the 1970’s/80’s. Megan grew up in San Francisco, in a community of gay/lesbian, multi-racial, single-parent, and adopted families. She continues to explore the deep influence this has on her life and her motivation. Megan spent 13 formative years living in Brooklyn, NY. She currently lives in San Francisco with her wife and two kids.

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